The Jarvis Model Buster IX -- electrically powered bandsaw ideal for splitting beef, pigs and horses.

Engineered for for fast, easy and complete cleaning hygiene and with operator comfort in mind. The oil bath lubricated drive system allows for sustained trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance Safety is a priority with our anti-tie down controls and totally enclosed electric motor. Equipped with anti-tie down board and starters in control box. Built to CE/UKCA specifications and approved to all European standards. Available in all voltages.


Technical Specifications

Motor Power3.3hp / 2500W
Operating Voltage575 / 480 / 240 / 220 / 208 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
415 / 400 / 380 / 203 / 115 / 42V / 3 phase, 50 Hz
Capacity450/ hour
Control HandlesElectric Dual Anti-tie Down / 12V
Distance Between Guides19.6in / 498mm
Blade Length112in / 2845mm
Overall Length57in / 1448mm
Height (of front housing)12in / 241mm
Weight162lbs / 73.5kg
Vibrationless than (<) 128 dB / <2.5 m/sec2
Noise (one meter from tool)84dB

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