The Jarvis Model Buster IV -- electrically powered bandsaw for splitting cattle, pigs and sows.

Our market leading splitting saw used in all major meats plants for splitting fat cattle (800 – 1050 lbs / 360 – 480 kg) – througout of up to 180 beef / hour / saw Optimum handling performance. Superior blade life : 400 – 600 carcasses per blade Engineered for for fast, easy and complete cleaning hygiene and with operator comfort in mind. The oil bath lubricated drive system allows for sustained trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance Safety is a priority with our anti-tie down controls and totally enclosed electric motor


Technical Specifications

Motor Power3.3hp / 2500W
Operating Voltage460 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz (other voltages and 50 Hz available)
Capacity180 head/hour
Control HandlesElectric Dual Anti-tie Down
Distance Between Guides17.75in / 451mm
Blade Length119.0in / 3023mm
Overall Length54in / 1372mm
Drive Wheel Speed620rpm
Weight190lbs / 86kg
Vibrationless than (<) 128 dB / <2.5m/sec2
Noise (3.3ft / 1 meter from tool)(<) 85 dB

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