The Jarvis Model SPC 165B - pneumatically powered hog brisket saw.

The SPC 165B cuts hog briskets quickly and accurately. Lightweight and flexible – allows operators to open briskets up to 250 hogs / hour. More power – high efficiency air motor for more horsepower and lower operating costs. Heavy duty gears hold up under the harshest processing conditions. Aluminum and stainless steel construction for optimum hygiene. Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety.

Technical Specifications

Drive Pneumatic
Motor Power 0.85hp / 630W
Operating Pressure 90psi / 6.2bar
Air Consumption 27.3 ft3/min / 0.77m3/min
Cut Speed 1775rpm
Control Handle Single Trigger Pneumatic
Blade Diameter 6.5in / 165mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) 2.0in / 50.8mm
Overall Length 16.5in / 419mm
Weight 5.85lbs / 2.65kg
Vibration 122dB / 1.26m/sec2
Noise 88dB

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