Humane stunning. Made easier. Introducing the Jarvis PAS Type P Penetrating Cartridge Stunners for small to large-sized animals.

Diverse stunning applications. Simple operation. With even less maintenance. The PAS Type P Penetrating Cartridge Stunners are designed for easy to use, humane stunning on a variety of small to large animal types. With a comfortable, ergonomic handle and ultra-durable construction to reduce the need for maintenance. And different available cartridge strengths depending on usage.

Captive Bolt Stunning

Technical Specifications

Bolt Diameter Ø 11.4 mm (Ø 0.45 in)
Maximum Bolt Extension (with Max Grains) 83 mm (3.3 in)
Control Handle (Manual Operation) Single Trigger
Overall Dimensions (length | width | height) 259 | 51 | 188 mm (10.2 | 2.0 | 7.4 in)/292 | 51 | 191 mm (11.5 | 2 | 7.5 in)
Weight 2.9kg (6.5lbs)/ 3 kg (6.5 lbs)/3.1 kg (6.9 lbs

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