Introducing the Jarvis SEC 280-4 electrically powered circular breaking saw. The SEC-230 is our most popular cicrular breaking saw due to its easy handling and superior performance.

And features a electric or mechnical blade brake function and adjustable stop cut gauge to 4 in (102 mm) maximum depth for more control over your cut. Meets national and international requirements for hygiene and safety.


Technical Specifications

Drive Electric
Motor Power 2.25hp / 1678W
Operating Voltage 415 / 380 / 220 / 115 / 42 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
575 / 460 / 380 / 230 / 208 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Blade Speed - 50Hz 1350rpm
Blade Speed - 60Hz 1650rpm
Control Handles Electric Dual Anti-Tie Down or One Trigger (CE)
Brake Electric (DC) or Mechanical
Blade Diameter 11.0in / 280mm
Cutting Depth 4.0in / 102mm
Overall Length 27in / 686mm
Weight 40lbs / 18.1kg
Vibration less than (<) 108 dB / 0.25m/sec2
Noise (one meter from tool) 80dB

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