The Jarvis Model MCS 300 -- multi-purpose pneumatically powered scribe saw. The MCS 300 with a full 2 hp motor and a maximum 4 3/8 inch (111 mm) depth of cut is ideally suited for primal cutting of chine bones and ham markings.

The lightweight design- only 15.5 lbs / 7 kg and bearing mounted hanger, provides for a smooth 360 degree saw rotation. The heavy duty gears are made to withstand all uses in the packing plant industry. Constructed from corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene.


Technical Specifications

Drive Pneumatic
Motor Power 2.00hp / 1500W
Operating Pressure 90psi / 6.2bar
Air Consumption 67ft3/min / 1.9m3/min
Blade Speed @ 120psi 1150rpm
Control Handles Single Trigger / Dual Trigger
Blade Diameter 9.0in / 229mm
10.5in / 267mm
12.0in / 305mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) - 9 inch blade 3.0in / 76mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) - 10.5 inch blade 3.4in / 86mm
Cutting Depth (maximum) - 12 inch blade 4.38in / 111mm
Overall Length - 9 inch blade 22.7in / 577mm
Overall Length - 10.5 inch blade 23.2in / 589mm
Overall Length - 12 inch blade 24.2in / 615mm
Weight 15.5lbs / 7kg

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