The Jarvis MG-1B hydraulic-powered brisket saw for beef, hog splitting, and forequarters.

Even faster. For throughput over 200 beef per hour. Cuts fat cattle briskets in 3 seconds. With a balanced drive system for smooth and quiet operation and less fatigue when handling the saw. Slash your downtime. With an oil bath lubricated drive and no electrical components. The MG-1B saw is specifically designed to reduce the need for preventative maintenance and increase your uptime with an oil bath lubricated drive and no electrical components.


Technical Specifications

Cutting Cycle Time3 seconds
Cut Speed at 3000 rpm (MG-1, 1HS)14000 in/min / 35560 cm/min
Control HandlesSingle Trigger / Hydraulic
Blade Lengths
Hog Splitting18.0in / 457mm
22.0in / 559mm
Forequartering16in / 406mm
18in / 457mm
Beef9.5in / 241mm
10.5in / 267mm
11.5in / 292mm
13.0in / 330mm
Overall Length (with 9.5 in / 241 mm blade)31in / 787mm
Weight63lbs / 28.6kg
Hydraulic Power Unit - 4027279 and 4027265
Motor Power5hp / 3728W
Operating Voltage460 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz (other voltages and 50 Hz available)
Pump Output4027279 (3gpm / 11.4Lpm)
4027265 (5gpm / 18.9Lpm)
Hose Length16ft / 5m
Oil Capacity20 gallons / 76L
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)31.5 x 21.5 x 30in / 800 x 546 x 762mm
Weight (without oil)250lbs / 113kg

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