The Jarvis Model HBS-3 -- hydraulically powered brisket saw for hogs and sows. Cuts through all hog and sow briskets quickly and accurately - a single operator can handle up to 1000 hogs / hour.

Compact design overall length, lightweight, and adjustable handles for optimum handling and maneuverability. Durable components, including a heavy-duty stainless steel cutting head for long, trouble-free operation. Anti-tie down controls and instant stop blade for operator safety. Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

Technical Specifications

Drive Hydraulic
Capacity 1000/hour
Blade Speed at at 5.5 gal/min or 20.8L/min 1925rpm
Control Handles Electric / Dual Anti-tie Down / 12 V
Blade Diameters
Hog 8.0in / 203mm
Sow 9.0in / 229mm
Cutting Depths
Hog 3.0in / 76mm
Sow 4.0in / 102mm
Overall Length (with 8.0 in / 203 mm diameter blade) 32in / 813mm
Weight 30lbs / 13.4kg
Hydraulic Power Unit
Motor Power 7.5hp / 5593W
Operating Voltage 460 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz (other voltages and 50 Hz available)
Hydraulic Pressure 2000psi
Oil Flow Rate 5.5gal/min / 20.8L/min
Hose Length 16ft / 5m
Oil Capacity 30 gallons / 114L
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 37.6 x 31.8 x 33.7in / 955 x 808 x 856mm
Weight (without oil) 410lbs / 186kg

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