With a closer cut than traditional shear type dehorners, the 50-G is a highly efficient perfmance tool for all dehorning needs. With a 1.5 second cycle for high speed production, the 50-G eliminates difficulties associated with hide pulling over the head. Improved design using stainless steel construction – minimal corrosion problems and great durability


Technical Specifications

Drive Hydraulic
Cutting Force 9900lbf / 44kN
Cutting Cycle Time with 4027044 power unit 1.5 sec
with 4027088 power unit 1.5 sec
Control Handles Electric or Pneumatic / Dual Anti-tie Down 12V
Blade Opening 5.5 x 6.0 in / 140 x 152 mm
Overall Length 30in / 762mm
Weight 65lbs / 29.5kg
Hydraulic Power Unit Motor Power with 4027044 power unit 10 hp 7457 W
Motor Power with 4027088 power unit 10 hp 7457 W
Operating Voltage 60 / 230 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz (other voltages and 50 Hz available)
Hose Length 16ft / 4.9m
Oil Capacity 30 gallons / 114L
Oil Viscosity at 1000 F / 400 C 200 SUS / 46 ISO
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 38 x 28 x 33 in / 965 x 711 x 838 mm
Weight (without oil) 380lbs / 172kg

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