The Jarvis Model BRE-1 and BRE-2 -- pneumatically powered bung ring expanders.

Used for expanding and installing bung rings in the beef industry. Eliminates contamination from the bung areas by sealing the bung. Mechanically seals bung with a ring – reduces human error during bunging operation Lightweight and flexible for optimum operator comfort. Smooth surface construction for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene.


Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure90 - 100psi / 0.74L
Air Consumption (per cycle at 100psi / 6.9bar)0.026ft3 / 0.74L
Opening (maximum)3.8 x 3.9in / 97 x 99mm
Control HandleSingle Trigger / Pneumatic
Overall Length14in / 356mm
Overall Width5.2in / 132mm
Weight3.5lbs / 1.6kg

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