The SPC-165 pneumatic powered general purpose breaking saw. Versatile design.

For high-volume beef and pork processing applications. The SPC-165 pneumatic breaking saw breezes through a variety of applications. From breaking forequarters and beef plates as well as hot and cold ribbing. And ham and shoulder marking, ribbing, and chine bone removal. Featuring a new high-efficiency air motor for more horsepower and lower operating costs. Made with Jarvis heavy-duty gears to withstand all uses in the meatpacking industry without fail. Ultra-light. Maximum control.


Technical Specifications

Motor Power0.85hp / 630W
Operating Pressure90psi / 6.2bar
Air Consumption27.3ft3/min / 0.77m3/min
Blade Speed1775rpm
Control HandlesSingle Trigger / Pneumatic
Blade Diameter6.5in / 165mm
Cutting Depth2.0in / 50.8mm
Overall Length16.5in / 419mm
Weight5.85lbs / 2.65kg
Vibrationless than (<) 122dB / <1.26m/sec2
Noise (one meter from tool)88dB

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