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Aegimesh EasyClean Glove

Aegimesh EasyClean Glove

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E a s y C l e a n  is our plastic strap closure system glove. This plastic strap is replaceable and allows the user to change it without the use of tools. This glove is also available with an extended cuff that gives extra protection in the forearm zone for more demanding jobs.

Designed to improve comfort, low-maintenance and hygiene in the challenging working environments such as in the Food, Fishing and Shellfish, Agriculture, Paper and Textile Industry to wear when using knives, cutting or punching tools that could be manually or power sourced by electricity or compressed air. Manufactured in high-quality AISI 316L Stainless Steel and with our own micro plasma technology resulting in longer durability


-High resistance and durability with Aegimesh micro plasma welded chainmail
-Reversible fitting on the left and right hand very quickly and simple
-Flexible and comfortable self-adjusting spring closure system that fits perfectly in all wrist sizes
-5 fingers protection
-ID Code for traceability

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