The Jarvis Model USSS-2 & USSS-2A -- pneumatically operated high speed, non-penetrating stunner for cattle and veal.

Unique design renders the stunned animal insensible to pain, without penerating the skull. With one shot humane stunning procedure – no multiple firing needed. Better stunning for improved meat quality and a two hand control for safer operation. Lightweight tool – only weighs 36 pounds (16.3 kg) – for ease of use. Easier maintenance

Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure (maximum)190-245psi / 13.1-16.9bar
Air Consumption (per cycle)1.45ft3 / 41L
Non-Penetrating Shaft Diameter (USSS-2)1.38in / 34.9mm
Non-Penetrating Shaft Diameter (USSS-2A)1.75in / 44.5mm
Control HandlesDual Triggers / Dual Handles / Pneumatic
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)19 x 5.5 x 15in / 483 x 140 x 381mm
Weight35.8lbs / 16.3kg

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