The 30CL-2 hydraulically powered fore and hind beef hock and horn cutters.

High power. High production. With a 1.5-second cutting cycle. For high production facilities needing maximum power. The 30CL-1 is used for front and hind beef hock cutting through the bone or joint or as an effective beef dehorner. The standard in safety and hygiene. Best possible hygiene with updated, virtually all stainless steel construction for minimal corrosion problems. Featuring anti-tie-down controls for operator safety. And the most robust construction, including ground solid stainless steel blades to decrease your downtime and need for preventative maintenance.


Technical Specifications

Cutting Force12375lbf / 55kN
Cutting Cycle Time4 Seconds
Control Handles Air / Dual Anti-tie Down50psi - 3.4bar
Blade Opening At Tips4.0in / 102mm
Blade Opening At Widest5.75in / 146mm
Overall Length32in / 813mm
Weight38lbs / 17.2kg
Air / Oil Hydraulic Power Unit
Operating Pressure125psi / 8.6bar
Air Consumption (per cycle at 125 psi / 8.6 bar)1.98ft3 / 56L
Hose Length16ft / 4.9m
Oil Capacity3qt / 2.8L
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)11 x 15 x 67 in / 28 x 38 x 170 cm
Weight80lbs / 36kg

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